Trending Today… Auburn all over

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Yes, it’s autumn, or fall, depending on which variant of English you speak, so the colour of the moment is Auburn and, in its wake, every shade of reddish orange and brown you can imagine.

The high street is awash with the leaves from the trees, the food aisles are full autumnal ripeness, and everybody’s wardrobe will be overflowing with caramel and terracotta tones before the weekend arrives.

The amusing thing about these uber-seasonal trends is that they tend to blanket the entire globe. Translation and localisation does not enter into it. Come October, the autumnal vibe really works in northern Europe and north-eastern America but not so much across Africa, India and entire swathes of Asia. So, most of the world.

But, as the dominant voices in the fashion world still have a US or northern European accent, the whole world gets to enjoy orangey-brown jumpers (or sweatshirts), chocolate brown trousers (or pants) and accessories in a whole range of toffees and cappuccino. Not so delicious in those desert temperatures.